Urgent Message to independent workers’ organizations and unions around the world From Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company


Urgent Message to independent workers’ organizations and unions around the world

From Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company

Dear colleagues and comrades,

As a follow up to our pervious statement (below), this is to inform the international labour movement that a government-sponsored “General Assembly” under the name of “Syndicate of Workers of Tehran Vahed Bus Company” has been called by two former members of our Syndicate, Saeed Torabian and Hassan Mirzaei, for Tuesday, November 13, 2018 (22 Aban 1397). We hereby strongly alert all labour organizations and global unions that have been supporting our struggles throughout the years and believe in autonomous unions, to be extremely cautious if they received emails or messages from such puppets of the Iranian government and intelligence forces.

While everyone in the labour movement knows that the Iranian government and intelligence forces as well as the Tehran Bus company have ruthlessly been trying to crush our Syndicate for years, and while everyone knows that it is impossible to legally have a workers’ general assembly on the properties that belong to Tehran Bus company, these sellouts are working closely with the Company’ management, security, intelligence forces as well as the Islamic labour councils to hold a general assembly under the name of our Syndicate at the company’s property in order to create confusion amongst workers, defame the proud name of our Syndicate and to undermine our efforts to establish independent unions and labour organizations in Iran. This attempt to create a state-sponsored yellow syndicate must be condemned internationally and confronted without any hesitation.

Saeed Torabian has worked closely with the intelligence forces throughout the years and has been publically supporting the government-created Islamic Labour Council. Under ILO’s case 2508 the Iranian government has clearly used Torabian as a witness and traitor to frame Reza Shahabi with sham charges which caused Shahabi to be tortured and imprisoned for over 6 years.

As we previously stated, “The Vahed syndicate will continue to debunk these government and employers’ plots and expose the people and agencies who line up behind them. It is necessary for us to emphasis that these actions are but a part of the general policies of the government that has attempted to suppress and control all independent syndicates and workers’ organizations since the beginning. Today, the state sees that most of its repressive practices to dismantle the Vahed syndicate has been ineffective; and now that it has become clear they can’t crush the syndicate by force, imprisonment, firing, etc., and as the Vahed syndicate is becoming a figure for numerous other workers of Iran, they use a dirty trick which is an attempt to undermine independent labour organizations through mercenary, stooges and sellout agents. Therefore, we must note that we are faced with a consistent, coherent and historic policy by the capitalist system and its government.”

We will issue further updates on this issue. Please note that only emails from the address below are valid contact information for our Syndicate. Our website and telegram channels are listed below as well. Any other email addresses or websites do not belong to our Syndicate and should be disregarded.

In Solidarity,

Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company
November 8, 2018
Email: vsyndica@gmail.com
Website: www.vahedsyndica.com
Telegram: @vahedsyndica

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